The Prime Time Foundation was started in 1999 by Bob and Judy Yanover. They named the foundation after their boat, the "Prime Time". This vessel cruised the Bahamas for many years. Bob and Judy wanted to express their thanks for the many wonderful experiences. They created a foundation to offer scholarships to Bahamian students to attend college in the US.

The Foundation gives special consideration to students who've graduated high school in Eleuthera and Abaco, where the Prime Time was based for many years. Recipients of the scholarship have attended Louisiana State University (LSU), University at Albany, NY and University of Evansville, IN.

Students are selected based upon their academic excellence, character and need. In the past, two scholarships per year have been awarded. A total of 26 scholarships have been awarded, and 17 students have graduated.

The scholarship covers tuition, room and board, as well as transportation to and from school each semester. Scholarships are for a period of one year, but will be extended based upon the student's academic perfomance.

The Foundation asks that all graduating students return home after graduation for a minimum of five (5) years to contribute their skills to the improvement of life in the Bahamas.

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